In today’s digital era, businesses of all kinds and sizes require technology more than ever to operate and achieve their goals.

This dependence on technology has led to an explosion in the number of privileged accounts – those with special access to critical systems, applications or data.

Hackers highly prize these accounts because they provide an entry point for gaining access to an organization’s most sensitive information and causing extensive harm.

Protecting and managing privileged accounts – those granted additional privileges within important systems, applications or data – is known as Privileged Access Security (PAS).

Because they may be used to access the most private data of an organization and do serious harm, cybercriminals are very interested in these accounts.

Several reasons make privileged access security essential: risk reduction, regulatory compliance, operational efficiency improvement, and protection of sensitive data.

Leading supplier of solutions for managing, monitoring, and securing privileged accounts is CyberArk. This page will offer a thorough tutorial on using CyberArk to secure privileged access.

Getting to Know Privileged Access Security.

Key operations in privileged access security include:

  • Finding and cataloging privileged accounts: This is finding every privileged account—service, application, and local and domain administrator accounts—in an organization.
  • Safeguarding and safeguarding privileged account credentials: This refers to safeguarding and safeguarding the passwords, SSH keys, and certificates linked to privileged accounts.
  • Tracking and auditing privileged account activity: This entails tracking and auditing all privileged account activity, including attempts at login, commands run, and modifications to important systems and programs.
  • Managing and controlling access to privileged accounts: This is making sure that just authorized users can access important systems and applications.
  • Security of Privileged Access with CyberArk
  • CyberArk protects privileged access by a number of essential actions:

  • Identifying and cataloging privileged accounts: CyberArk's solutions assist businesses in identifying and cataloging privileged accounts, such as service, application, and local and domain administrator accounts. Organisations can so put in place suitable security measures and comprehend the extent of their privileged account environment.
  • Safeguarding privileged account credentials: CyberArk's products assist businesses in safeguarding passwords, SSH keys, and certificates among other privileged account credentials. Important systems and programs are kept from being accessed without authorization in part by this.
  • Monitoring and auditing privileged account activity: By offering visibility into user behavior and assisting in the identification and response to suspicious behavior, CyberArk's solutions enable businesses to monitor and audit privileged account activity.
  • Managing and controlling access to privileged accounts: By enabling companies to do so, CyberArk's solutions lower the possibility of human mistake and guarantee that only authorized users have access to important systems and applications.
  • Overview of CyberArk Privileged Access Security Best Practices:

    Following best practices will help organizations maximize the benefits of CyberArk's privileged access security solutions:

  • Put into place a thorough privileged access security plan: This plan should cover managing and controlling access to privileged accounts, monitoring and auditing privileged account activity, securing and protecting privileged account credentials, and identifying and inventorying privileged accounts.
  • Use robust, one-of-a-kind passwords: To further secure privileged accounts, organizations should think about putting multi-factor authentication (MFA).
  • Monitor and audit privileged account activity: In search of indications of unusual activity or unapproved access, organizations should routinely monitor and audit privileged account activity.
  • Use the principle of least privilege: This principle should be followed by an organisation so that administrative right is given to a user as per the necessity of their job role only.
  • Review and update permissions for privileged accounts regularly: Inspecting these permissions regularly helps in ensuring that only authorized persons can access critical systems or applications by altering them as necessary.
  • Give training and instruction: Businesses ought to give staff members instruction on the value of privileged access security and how to make the best use of CyberArk's products.
  • Put a disaster recovery plan into place: To make sure they can react to any privileged account-related incidents fast and efficiently, organizations should put one in place.
  • Verdict

    In the digital age of today, when companies mostly depend on technology to run their business, privileged access security is essential.